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Big Sound Music, Inc. was formed in 2004 when composers Vincent and Kathyjo Varco joined forces to create a collection of original music for the film and TV industry. Here's how we see it: We know you're looking for music tracks that no one else can access—tracks that can only be heard with your productions—music that embodies, enhances, and exudes the right emotional thrust.   At Big Sound Music, we write that kind of music, easily accessible music that captures the essence of your visual. Whether you're in the broadcast arena or the film industry, we thrive on your desire for original sounds. Just think of us as your in-house composers, who happen to work off-site. Broadcast lengths, stems and stingers are available for everything we write. After all, we have the original tracks to do with what we will.





We're happy to announce our musical debut on The Voice and Late Show with David Letterman. Also, we say hello to Broadway with Disney's stage adaptation of Aladdin. Thanks to all who made it possible!!
Thanks to Justin over at Imagination Publishing for allowing us to musically brand their corporate reel. It was a blast writing for them and had a good time with the whole crew! Check it out at
We finally broke through to Crucial Music with 2 Orchestral tracks with Choir. Whew! Get them at Search for Vincent Varco.
Glad to be welcome at Showckwave-Sound with 3 new tracks. Listen and license at
Psychological Thrillers is our newest addition over at Resource Sound. 10 tracks of “low creeping string motives fused with dramatic orchestral effects...dissonant crescendos and tension...”. Listen and license at

We like to think big
and do big things. Kindred spirits are most welcome.